Call for Papers

Droidcon Beijing 2017

Call for Papers

The rapid development of the mobile Internet and smart terminals made Android the focus of attention of users and developers thanks to Android's openness. The total number of Android users is estimated to reach 1.4 billion. Nearly 10 Million developers are engaged in Android development. The market share of Android operating system is ranked No.1 on global market.

droidcon was initiated by a group of Android experts in Berlin and London in 2009. droidcon aims at providing an open communication platform for Android developers, code engineer, entrepreneurs, and users etc. It has been held in 26 countries and regions across 5 continents with tens of thousands attendees. Droidcon has become the most influential technology conference in Android field.

Droidcon has entered China for the first time in 2016. Around 500 participants have attended the conference. Speakers from Facebook, Intel, Disney, Telenav, Alibaba, Tencent, Xiao Mi, Lenovo, Letv, 360, Thundersoft, NXP, Flipboard, Nexmo, OCF, VIA, and Emindsoft discussed latest advances and shared their opinion on various hot topics of the Android technology with all participants. It was proven to be a huge sucess and achieved great results.

The 2nd droidcon Beijing will be held in November 2017. The program consists of main forum, parallel sessions, Barcamp, exhibition and training. The attendees are industry leaders, technology experts, technology developers, entrepreneurs and etc.  The content of papers and speech include but not limited to the followings:

-Android Design and Architecture

- UI/UX Innovation and User Experience

- Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence

-Android Engineering and Tools

-Android Applications in Extended Industries

If you are interested in presenting a speech or Barcamp, please send your profile, speech topic and speech abstract to (for Chinese speakers) and (for international speakers). Proposals will be selected by the Conference Committee based on relevance and quality. The Conference Committee will send formal invitation letter to the selected speaker.

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Contact person Li Yunzhi (for Chinese speakers)

         Peng Dange (for international speakers)

Mobile Phone13611382540   +32 492 594 982


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