Prof. Yanfei Wang

Prof. Ye Zhang

Welcome to CIPA2022

Aim and scope of the workshop:

    The field of inverse problems has existed in many branches of earth sciences, physical sciences, engineering and mathematics for a long time. Inverse problems are typically ill-posed. In recent years, different inverse problems in frontiers of sciences appear. Standard methods for inverse problems are regularization methods. In addition, optimization methods are widely used in other science and engineering fields, for example, big data and intelligent computing, geophysical prospecting, transportation, biology, communication and image processing. Meanwhile, optimization methods have also been applied in computational inversion applications.

    We welcome all experts, researchers and young students who work in inversion, optimization and application fields to attend this workshop in the Shenzhen MSU-BIT University, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, so that we can exchange ideas, create sparks and highlight the future.

The discussion would be including the following topics (not limited):

    Inverse and ill-posed problems 

    Regularization techniques and recent developments 

    Optimization theory and methods 

    Nonstandard regularization methods 

    Geophysical inverse problems 

    Big data and machine learning

    Applications in frontiers of science and engineering 

    Through this workshop we hope that we can attract some young students and scholars to step in this field and work on those important practical problems. This workshop will play an important role in stimulating inversion application researches and modern optimization researches, encouraging cross-disciplinary collaborations, and promoting the application of regularization and optimization techniques to industries and other science and engineering fields.